Advisors Overview

Independent and trusted advice for innovative corporate finance solutions

Hillview Advisors (“HA”) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and serves as an independent trusted advisor, providing strategic capital market solutions to controlling shareholders, entrepreneurs and governments.

We typically engage with clients at an early stage to establish a deep insight of their strategic, financial and operational objectives. This approach enables our team to develop tailored solutions for long-term value optimisation and to expertly manage each stage of the transaction process, thus ensuring a successful outcome.

HA’s proactive management role ensures that clients are kept fully informed and in control of each phase of the timetable and approved budget. Our work includes advice on best practice of corporate governance, selection of Independent Directors and selection of third parties in a transaction process, including investment banks, lawyers and technical experts.

Our relationship-driven approach promotes long-term strategic alliances with clients, for whom HA continues to advise as their businesses expand and evolve. Often this includes advice on setting up a Family Office, selection of Wealth Managers and assistance in recruiting an executive team.

The complimentary nature of our activities results in advisory clients often participating in THG’s proprietary investment opportunities

HA Services